Savage Nobles in the Land of Enchantment is a complete graphic novel available on the web for free! “SNitLoE” is the story of Tonya, Greg, Kafir and Theo, the four members of a touring garage band, becoming lost and separated in the vast, federally-owned deserts of southern New Mexico.

Savage Nobles in the Land of Enchantment is written and drawn by Everett Patterson, a cartoonist from New Orleans, LA currently living in Portland, OR.

Everett Links

If you have the Face-Book, there’s a SNitLoE page on the Face-Book. Everett keeps an art blog with other comics, illustrations and sketches over at Blogspot. Some of Everett’s original art is available for sale at his Etsy Store:


Other Links

Everett likes and draws inspiration from the following people and their comics:

Family Man by Dylan Meconis
Jumbo Deluxe by Adrian Wallace
Ben Dewey
Katy Ellis O’Brien
Steve Lieber (!)
Dar by Erika Moen
Meen Comics by Terri Nelson
Ron Chan
Aaron McConnell
Rich Ellis
Dustin Weaver
Titanzer by Kevin Wilson